Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Genetically modified...?

Take.2... [click image to enlarge]...

It's quite different to the version I lost, but still nice in its own way, I think...?
Maybe I need to add in a cat or something... I'm definitely going to do a banksy-style version where the vegetables have faces :). That'll be a good thing to do on Friday, to pave the way for the weekend :)


  1. I think this looks great!

    I love the little worm by the way.

  2. it's my first time seeing your wonderful blog. your style is amazing and I like it very much. Great work.

  3. very nice. I like the way the vegetables look almost real against the more cartoony figure. nice interpretation,as well.

  4. Thanks so much guys! Thanks Nessadee! Thanks Jason! Thanks Vanessa - that's so nice of you! And Michael! Thanks to you all. The comments really mean a lot xx Happy Friday!