Thursday, 23 July 2009

Vintage 1950's Swimwear

I'm so in love with vintage swimwear. I saw a girl on holiday with the most enhanting white polka dot swimsuit. Since I got back I've been bursting to find out where she'd got it from, and after some frantic searching I found out it's from a vancouver company called Cuche . They have the most lovely pieces. It got me going on a hunt for other vintage seaside inspiration (bottom 2 images). Oh what I wouldn't give to look all lovely and vintage every day.

top two images via cuche
vintage photos via myvintagevogue


  1. Hi Kirstie,

    thought I'd drop you a line with a link to my website

    I design and hand make vintage inspired swimwear and underwear and will be listing my designs from next week on etsy.
    Would love to know what you think of my range!

    Yours truly,

    Trish Stenzel
    Miss Fancypants

  2. love these descent swimwear

  3. incredible designs super unique!

  4. i would love a pair of bathers like those, they are just soo beautiful.
    i wish i could find some :D
    xx issy