Thursday, 30 July 2009

Taking a break from the race

...for the illustration friday topic 'idle'. [click image to enlarge]


  1. such an original idea! love your characters they're so lovely!

  2. I discovered your blog not too long ago, and I've been meaning to leave a comment because I absolutely love your style.

    This is a great piece, and a fun interpretation of the topic.

    These characters are adorable by the way...I just hope they don't turn to a life of gambling.

  3. great characters, and love the tones on the grass

  4. That's really cute. This is a great illustration for "idle"
    I love how the cards have little animals

  5. Very appealing image.I like to think they are playing "Go Fish".

  6. Absolutely adorable! I love the animals on the playing cards.

  7. Looks like the smart tortoise has the hare at this game too. That deck of cards with animals is far more interesting than the usual numbers :) Very cool piece!

  8. Awesome characters. Love the way you rendered the tortoise shell.

  9. great illo! I like everything about it!

  10. very nice! even though we picked the same subject matter, they're totally different takes on it. I love your color and the looks of concentration on their faces. you have such a beautiful style.

  11. Lovely characters :) The box really stands out.

  12. Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate all your comments!

    Jason C- Welcome! Thanks so much for writing! I love meeting new people, and, hopefully they'll be okay, just so long as they don't pass a casino on the way home!

    Thanks Tom - that's my favourite bit too!

    Kim, Dave and justdoodleit - you wouldn't believe how close I was to painting in the usual diamonds and hearts! But then a lion came out, followed by monkey, then cat... like it was meant to be. I think it works because it makes them seem younger. The rabbit looks like he's really struggling to understand - bless him! Thanks for commenting!

    Jason L - my thoughts exactly!

    Thanks Nina! Thanks Krisztina! So nice to hear from you!

    Thanks Eric - I'm pleased with it too! I feel like perhaps i should have added a bit more specular highlight, but I'll fiddle with it later... :-/

    Thanks Michael. You are right, they are different... yours is great though. I love your work. Thanks for the comment!

    Heyy - thanks Gavin! I'm glad I added the box now then! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
    Hope it's sunny where you are x k x