Wednesday, 8 September 2010

How green was my valley?

Very Green! We're just back from a spectacular week in North Wales. Lots of mountains, forests, lakes - such a great getaway and I found some great monster forest inspiration! There's so many photos, it'll be weeks before I search through them, but here's a few for your morning coffee! p.s. extra special mention for the cartoon mushroom in the last photo (red top, white base and spots... I thought they were fictional until we stumbled upon this little fellow and the rest of his family in the forest!).


  1. Oh my goodness, gracious! These are wonderful photos you lucky one you! And yes, I too woulda thought these mushrooms were fictitional. I'm so happy to know they exist...and you got to see one in person! Lucky!! It sounds like you had a blast...YAY!!!

  2. wow, amazing! It's like some fairytale woodland!