Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wedding Bells

Our friends are getting married this weekend - Congratulations Chloe & Andy!! There's a nice little story behind how they met too... Chloe is one of my friends, and Andy is one of Jonathans'.... so about 3 years ago, after accidentally writing their names together on the invite list, Jonathan and I shamelessly went about trying to set them up at my moroccan-themed birthday dinner (belly dancers included)! It worked - we ended up chaperoning their first date a week later and they've been together ever since... they've even beaten us down the aisle! ;-) Aww. It's very nice to see them graduate from our highly successsful school of matchmaking! Here's a little peek at our card:


  1. Wow, that card is BEAUTIFUL. I'd say they are sooooo lucky to know you ;-)

  2. :) Your créations end they also, they are very nice. :)

  3. The card looks very wonderful. I hope I can do something this beautiful when my time comes!